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After years of development, the LED display has gradually faded the traditional display coat. The highprofile LED in the market has also becomeLED smallpitch display, LED transparent screen, interactive LED display and LED shaped screen, mechanical intelligent LED display Several

major creative display products; it is undeniable that today's traditional led display still occupies a large share in the market, but at the same

time, these creative display markets, which are full of advanced display technology and leading the industry trend, are also expanding. With theincreasing market demand for led display screens, various LED technologies have also been upgraded accordingly, and the needs of customers in various industries have also continued to change. In addition to some conventional display screens, a variety of creative special-shaped screens are also Highly sought after, LED special-shaped screen shines.

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Even though the price of creative led display is relatively high nowadays, it is expensive. The creative LED display is more reflected in its added value, and in the production process, it also needs to bear its certain risks. Pay attention to the value return that the product itself brings to

customers, which is the value of customized creative display products.

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In theurban lighting project, if the products are the same and have nocharacteristics, after completion, the characteristics and history of the cityitself will be erased, which is not the original intention of cityconstruction. For creative customized LED display manufacturers, each city

will have its unique atmosphere and culture. In the design process, thesecharacteristics are the first criteria for consideration. Each creative led

display is built to fit the field environment, forming its own unique style andcharacteristics. In line with the original intention of urban

construction, itfurther taps the new needs of customers, creates intimate led creativedisplays, and adds diverse colors to our lives .